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Welcome!  As has been the case for 25 years, I canít expend effort on fancy graphics or Java applets.Any time spent coding cute flashing buttons would have been better expended on improving the code, documentation, or doing my real work.  My sincere apologies to all graphic artists of the world offended by this inattention to basic marketing.

News Flash Ė Documentation Online!  At multiple requests over the past 25 years, Iíve finally put the PDF for the manual on-line.Go to the download section and grab them.

Business Downdate!  As of June 28, 2012, Computer Graphics Service (CGS) no longer exists due to issues with Cornell University and its Conflict of Interest policies. GENPLOT and RUMP will continue to be developed by me, and you are welcome to continue to download and use into the forseeable future (probably another 15 years until my daughter graduates from college). This is simply a declaration that it is no longer a business and therefore there are no conflicts to declare or manage.

If you are not familiar with us (how did you find this page?), the only two products I deal with are:

Genplot: A graphical data analysis and plotting package for scientists and engineers.  Designed to meet the requirements of serious researchers unafraid of command line oriented programs.  Has every analysis feature I've needed in my research - or that one of my collaborators and friends have convinced me would be useful. Very steep learning curve, but you get rewarded for what you put in.


RUMP: Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy analysis package. Built on Genplot, this package provides comprehensive analysis and simulation of RBS and ERD spectra.

This WEB page contains links to the latest program updates, the latest documentation, a list of known bugs, and general hints.  It also provides contact addresses if you really want to find us.  The goal is that these WEB pages will become the primary interface with users.

Download latest version and documentation (FREE)


Genplot home page

Rump home page


A lame attempt at documentation that never got finished


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